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Arul Sharan

Co-founder of Clear Shape


In 2013 Sharan became President and CEO for CellMax life, an early cancer detection and prevention company.
Atul Sharan was co-founder, President and CEO of Clear Shape Technologies. After its acquisition by cadence he held the title of Corporate consultant.

In 2008, Sharan joined AutoESL as President and CEO. AutoESL was acquired by Xilinx in 2011

Sharan is associated with several investment companies.

Prior to Clear Shape, Sharan held executive positions at Synopsys Inc., Numerical Technologies Inc., Ambit Design Systems, Compass (VLSI) Altera and IDT.

Sharan has a BS in Engineering from IIT kanpur, an MS in Engineering from University of Houston and an MBA, Finance and management from UC Berkeley – Walter A. Haas school of business.