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David Pellerin

Founder of Accolade Design and Impulse


David Pellerin is business development principal within the High Performance Cloud Computing group of Amazon.
Pellerin was a founder of Impulse Technologies in 2002, a developer of a software-to-hardware compiler and verification tools as well as providing FPGA design services for embedded and high performance computing.

Pellerin has held senior positions in CODONIS, Story Health Solutions and Quicksilver Technology. He also published five books as a Prentice Hall author, including Practical FPGA Programming in C, Practical Design Using Programmable Logic, and VHDL Made Easy.

In 1994 Pellerin founded Accolade design Automation and was its president until it was acquired by Altium (Protel) in 1999. With Altium, he remained as director of marketing, FPGA Design Products until 2002.

Pellerin’s career started as a member of the technical staff and engineering management within Data I/O

Pellerin has an Executive MBA, Strategy and Leadership from University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business