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Egino Sarto

Founder of Rio


Egino Sarto was a founder of Rio Design Automation and served as its Chief Technology Officer.
Before founding Rio in 2003, Sarto was a chief scientist at Sanera Systems, acquired by McData.

Prior to joining Sanera, Sarto was a principal engineer with 3dfx Interactive.

He spent 12 years as principal engineer at SGI where he worked on various aspects of high-performance, leading-edge, full-custom VLSI, MIPS high-end microprocessor designs (R2000 through R12000) and CAD flows for large graphics ASICs.
Sarto began his career as a circuit designer at Intel.

Sarto holds a Master of Science degree in Electronic/Computer Engineering from Stanford University and Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidade de Brasilia in Brazil.