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Eric T. Hennenhoefer

Founder of Obsidian Software


Eric T. Hennenhoefer is the CEO and co-founder at Cerfe Labs, Inc.

In 1997, Eric Hennenhoefer was a founder of Obsidian Software, a company that developed random test generators and functional coverage metrics for the verification of processors. He served as their president until they were acquired by ARM in 2001. Within ARM he held the title of director of business development until September 2020.
Hennenhoefer was the founder of DVClub in 2005, a very popular lunch and learn event that started in Austin and spread throughout the world. He also served as a mentor of promising startups at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas.

Before Obsidian, Hennenhoefer led processor verification teams within AMD and IBM.

Hennenhoefer holds a BS and masters in Computer Engineering from Penn State.