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Glen M. Antle

Business executive


Glen M. Antle was a co-founded (in 1982) and CEO of ECAD Inc. which merged with SDA to become Cadence Design Systems in 1988.
Has acted as an officer, chairman, adviser or director for many EDA companies including Trident Microsystems Inc, Quickturn Design Systems, PiE Design Systems, Verplex Systems, Inc., Springsoft USA, Inc., Semtech Corporation, Ammocore Technology, Inc., EPIC Design Technology Inc. and Compass Design Automation.

His early career was spent at Texas Instruments, ITT, Teledyne, Data General, Systems Engineering Laboratories (SEL) which became part of Gould and spun out technology for ECAD.


  • Glen M. Antle Founded ECAD Inc. in 1982
    • Spun out from the CAD group of Gould