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James (Jim) Fiske

Founder of Quad Design


James Fiske is Vice President, Advanced Systems at LaunchPoint Technologies. He joined LaunchPoint in 2000 in a partnership between Magtube and LaunchPoint to develop a revolutionary maglev vehicle system. He conceptualized a new class of maglev freight transportation, created the initial design, applied for patents, raised $2M in venture funding from CrossPoint Venture Partners, and oversaw development and construction of a full-scale maglev vehicle.
Fiske was a founder and VP of Advanced Development at Quad Design Technology

At Vitesse Electronics, Fiske was Principal Architect of a mini-supercomputer designed to exploit ultra-high-speed gallium arsenide integrated circuits

St Hughes Aircraft Company, he was a senior member of the Technical Staff.

Fiske has an Electrical Engineering & Computer Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.