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John Tanner

Founder of Tanner Research


Dr. John Tanner founded Tanner Research in 1988 and holds the title of CEO. His reason for founding Tanner was to develop affordable and easy-to-use design tools for integrated circuits. The company is focused on analog, mixed-signal, ASIC and MEMS product design and fabrication. Tanner Research’s Tanner EDA business unit continues to develop products and capabilities to improve the return on investment for designers and to shorten time to market for products.
Tanner co-founded Stac Electronics, best known for the Stacker disk-doubler program for the PC. He also has been a visiting professor of computer science at Caltech. He has done significant government-funded research into design tools, sensors, manufacturing, custom integrated circuits, analog and mixed-signal circuitry and neural networks.

Tanner received his bachelor of arts degree from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He subsequently earned degrees from Caltech, including a masters of science in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science.