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Joseph Rothman

Founder of CARDtools


Joseph Rothman is a partner at AlphaPrime Ventures, which focuses on big data opportunities.
Rothman is also general manager for Ignite Affiliates.

In 2009 Rothman became Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Beecube Inc.

Rothman served as Senior Vice President of Business Development at EVE Corporation, Executive consultant and Sr VP business development at ProDesign Electronic, which was acquired by Synopsys.

In 1991, Rothman founded and served as chief executive officer of CARDtools Systems, one of the first electronic system level (ESL) companies. He held the position of senior vice president of US Business Operations at ProDesign.

His career started at Ready Systems, Hewlett Packard and GE in product and marketing management positions.

Rothman holds Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Columbia University and a master of business administration degree from Santa Clara University.