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K.C. Shih

Founder of Global Unichip


In 1998, K.C. Shih founded Global Unichip Corp. as an SoC Design Foundry. Shih serves as the board member of Global Unichip Corp.
Shih founded Faraday Technology Corporation in a partnership with UMC and served as the Vice Chairman and CEO. In 1998 Faraday went public in Taiwan.

In 1990, Shih was the President of Cadence Design Systems Inc. Mr.

In 1983, Shih founded Suntek which developed an under $1,000 UNIX PC with NS32000.

While at M.I.T., Shih was an original member of the MULTICS team. MULTICS was the first multi-processing, multi-programming, network operating system running on ARPAnet. It was later re-written to become UNIX at Bell Labs. He then worked at DEC involved in the design of the VAX computer. In 1980, he joined National Semiconductor as Director of the MESA project, in charge of the NS32000 32bit microprocessor development.

Shih earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, and his Master of Science degree and PhD. studies in Electrical Engineering from M.I.T.