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Kamran Elahian

Serial entrepreneur


1n 1999 Kamran Elahian co-founded Actelis Networks (failed), Greenfiled Networks (acquired by Cisco), Global Catalyst Partners, Cahoots and Kangaroonet.In 1997 he founded Centillium communications (IPO)
In 1996 he founded Planet Web (acquired by MTI) and Schools Online
In 1993 he founded Neomagic Corporation (IPO)
In 1989 he founded Momenta Corporation (failed)
In 1984 he founded Cirrus Logic (IPO)

His early career started in HP where Elahian wanted to create design automation software. They didn’t allow him to do so, so he left and founded CAE Systems in 1981 which was acquired by Tektonix in 1985

Elahian has a bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics and a Masters degree in Computer Graphics from University of Utah.