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Martin Lefebvre

Founder of Cadabra


Martin Lefebvre is CEO of Connexive, Inc.
He was with band of Angels, chairman for Infoaxe and chairman and CEO for CommandCAD.

In 2003 he became executive in residence at UC Berkeley.

In 1995 Lefebvre was the founder of Cadabra and served as president and CEO. Cadabra was acquired by Numerical in 2000 where he held the title of senior vice president. Numerical in turn was acquired by Synopsys in 2003.

Lefebvre was a member of scientific staff at Bell Northern Research and an associate professor at Carleton University.

Lefebvre holds a B.A.Sc. Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics from University of Ottawa, a Ph.D., Electronics from Carleton University and a AEP, General Management, Finance, Marketing from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.