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Mike Farmwald

Founder of Rambus


Farmwald has been a partner at Skymoon Ventures and Benchmark Capital and investor in several companies.
In 2003 he was a co-founder for Dash navigation
In 2001 he was a co-founder of Pedestal Networks
In 1998 he was co-founder pf Matrix Semiconductor, acquired by SanDisk
Farmwald served as an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois.

In 1993 he was a co-founder of Chromatic Research, acquired by ATI Technologies in 1998.
In 1990 he was a co-founder of Rambus and served as served as Vice President and Chief Scientist. He remained a board member until 2013.
In 1986 he founded FTL, an ECL supercomputing company, which merged with MIPS in the same year. At MIPS, Farmwald served as Chief Scientist for High End Systems.

Farmwald’s early career includes engineering positions at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Farmwald hols a B.S. in Mathematics from Purdue University and a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.