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Naeem Zafar

Serial entrepreneur and technologist


Zafar received a Bachelor degree from Brown University in 1981 and an MSEE from university of Minnesota in 1983
He was the founder of XCAT in 1985, a company that developed simulation accelerators (specialized computers to speed up logic and fault simulation process). The company released products and was acquired by Gateway Design Automation.

He then went to work for Quickturn Design Systems where he last served as the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. He was with Quickturn until it was sold to Cadence Design Systems in 1999.

After this, Zafar has spent time in industries outside of EDA where he has continue to found new companies such as Bitzer Mobile that was acquired by Oracle in November of 2013.

Zafar teach entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley, Ozyegin University, and UCSF

Serves on the board of two non-profits: OPEN Silicon Valley and 1947 Partition Archives.