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Pradeep Fernandes

Co-founder of Get2Chip


Pradeep Fernandes became the Vice President and General Manager of Synthesis Solutions at Cadence Design Systems following its acquisition of Get2Chip in 2003.
Prior to founding Get2chip/Meropa, he was part of the executive team (focusing on new products) of TriQuest design automation which was acquired by Summit Designs (SMMT).

Before joining Triquest, Fernandes co-founded CyberX, a company focused on development of highly integrated smart Ethernet switches.

Prior to this he worked in various technical roles at Synopsys and started his career at LSI logic.

Fernandes has a MSEE and BSCS/EE.


  • Pradeep Fernandes Founded Get2Chip Inc. in 1999
    • Co-founded Meropa/Get2Chip with Marco Rubinstein