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Rich Witek

Founder of Alchemy Semiconductor


Currently, Witek works for AMD as a corporate fellow and chief architectural officer and runs the Advanced Architecture and Technology Lab.

Witek joined AMD through the acquisition of Alchemy Semiconductor in 2003

He joined Bell Labs as an Associate Member of Technical Staff in the TSPS group at Indian Hill, and in 1977, became a member of the engineering group of Argonne National Laboratories in the Electron Division. Witek joined Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in August of 1977 as a Software Engineer in the DECnet networking group. He later worked on microprocessors and advanced to Sr. Consulting Engineer at DEC. In 1992, Witek held a position of Consulting Engineer at Apple as part of the Somerset PowerPC group. He returned to Digital in 1992 and worked on the ALPHA and StrongARM processors.

Rich received a BA in Computer Science and Math in 1976 from Aurora College in 1976.