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Rick Lazansky

Serial entrepreneur


Rick Lazansky is vice president of product development for Xpedion Design Systems, designing and building RFIC design and analysis tools for the wireless and highest-speed semiconductor industry.
Prior to Xpedion, Lazansky assembled the team and led product development at RedSpark (an Autodesk spin-out) where he developed web-based collaborative design chain solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Lazansky was Chairman and founder of Denali Software, which was acquired by Cadence.

Lazansky was a founder and vice president of engineering at Vantage Analysis Systems, where he managed the first VHDL simulator development team.

He managed the simulation department at Silvar-Lisco.

Lazansky holds a MSCE from Stanford University, and a BS in Economics and Information (Computer) Science from UCSC.