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Steve Teig

Inventor of X architecture and compiled code simulation


At Simplex, Steve Teig invented and led the technology development for the X Architecture, which improves chip design by pervasively incorporating diagonal wiring.
First, at Trilogy Systems, he invented the now-universal technique of compiled-code logic simulation. Then, as CTO and co-founder of Tangent Systems (which later became Cadence’s very first acquisition), he invented the principal place-and-route algorithms for the Tancell and Tangate products. These techniques formed the core of Cadence’s Gate Ensemble, Cell-3 Ensemble, and Silicon Ensemble systems and lay many of the foundations for the physical design of even today’s chips.

Teig received a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. He holds over 240 patents. In 2002, he broke Thomas Edison’s record for the number of patents filed by an individual in a single year.