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Sue Kunz

Founder of Solidware


Sue Kunz is currently acting CEO of Boulder Environmental Sciences & Technologies.
As Founder and CEO of Solidware Technologies, Inc. a software company focused on technology solutions to reduce software defects, Kunz was responsible for corporate vision, strategy, execution and capitalization, and led the company to a successful acquisition in less than 4 years.

Prior to Solidware, Kunz’s corporate experience included Sun Microsystems where she was Director of Marketing & Business Development for the Microelectronics division, Six Sigma Deployment Director, Marketing Director for Services, and held various engineering management positions.

Prior to Sun, Kunz founded an independent consultancy selling digital imaging solutions in Germany. Also internationally, Kunz held various international product/strategic marketing positions at IBM.

Kunz started her career at Precision Visuals, Inc., a Boulder based start-up, where she was a software developer and participated in standards committees. .

Kunz graduated cum laude with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Idaho.