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Tallis Blalack

Co-founder of Snaketech


Tallis Blalack was co-founder and VP US Operations for Snaketech in 1997, which was acquired by Simplex in 2000. At Simplex Blalack held the title of Principal Applications Scientist. Simplex was acquired by Cadence in 2002 where he held several titles including technical marketing architect, solutions architect and engineering director.
In 2008, Blalack was co-founder and VP operations for SolarX.

Blalack has also held positions at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments. Today he is a consultant working in the areas of business development, strategic marketing, and program management.

BS in EE from University of Idaho, MS EE from University of Virginia and PhD in EE from Stanford University.


  • Tallis Blalack Founded Snaketech in 2007
    • Co-founders were Philippe Duchene and Oscar Buset