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Thomas Schultz

Founder of Codefast


Thomas Schultz is currently his spare time he is co-founder of starStreamers, a Pay-Per-View Internet broadcasting company and principle at Tom Schultz LLC.

Schultz was founder and CTO for Codefast, which was acquired by Coverity in 2007. He remained at Coverity as director or products until 2010.

Prior to Codefast, Schultz was with Rational, where he was the director of product strategy, focused on identifying new opportunities, technologies, and companies to leverage. Schultz directed the engineering effort and technical product direction for the award-winning Rational Rose Visual Modeling product.

He was also one of the contributors to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 1.0 effort.
Prior to his 12 year tenure at Rational, Tom was a founding members of the GE Advanced Concepts Center where he helped bring the OMT method and tools to market.