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Tom Cesear

Founder of dQdt and bit-tru


Tom Cesear is currently president of Thomas Cesear Consulting, providing services about digital DSP design projects and IP library development.
In 2002, Cesear was founder, CEO and director of engineering for bit-tru design, Inc., a company that developed a C-synthesis tool and a library of parameterized IP models for key DSP functions. Bit-tru was acquired by AccelChip later in 2002 and Accelchip was in turn acquired by Xilinx in 2006. He was Director, NA IP Systems & Applications at Xilinx.

He Program Manager, Analog ASIC Design / Digital ASIC Design Engineer at Centerpoint Broadband Technologies.

Cesear co-founded dQdt in 1993, acquired by Mentor in 1996, which developed a parameterized library of DSP cores. He held the title of director of engineering at Mentor.

He started his career as a senior staff engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company.

Cesear has a BSEE from Purdue University and an MS and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of California, San Diego.