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Wai Yan (William) Ho

Serial entrepreneur and technologist


Wai Yan Ho has founded, invested in, and has served in Executive Management, Board Member, and Technology Advisory roles in several successful EDA and DFM companies delivering a wide range of solutions.These include:
ACAD Corp. (Device simulator acquired by Magma),
Après Technologies (Substrate Noise Analysis acquired by CADMOS/Cadence),
Archer Systems (RC Extractor acquired by EPIC/Synopsys),
Aprio Technologies (DFM Analysis acquired by Blaze/Tela Innovations),
Cedar Technologies (Con-current Physical Layout Verification acquired by EPIC/Synopsys),
Chip & Chip, acquired by Aspec in 1999
FabCentric, Inc. (Parametric Yield and Recipe Management acquired by HPL/Synopsys),
Stanza Systems Inc. (Custom Physical Layout Editor acquired by Synopsys)
Pulsic Ltd. – Complex IC, Mixed Signal and SoC Place and Route.

Ho has led Physical Verification and Extraction teams at Synopsys. Prior to Mr. Ho launching his entrepreneurial career, he led the architectural design and implementation of 32bit microprocessors at Seiko. Prior to Seiko, Mr. Ho was a member of the technical staff responsible for Physical Extraction at ECAD (now Cadence).

Ho graduated from Cheng Kung University in Tainan (ROC) with a MSEE Layout Verification.