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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

A semiconductor company focusing on high-performance graphics and compute technology.


AMD is a semiconductor company that focuses on high-performance graphics, vision, and high-performance compute technology. The companies markets are gaming, immersive platforms, and data center. Lisa Su is the president and CEO.

Jerry Sanders founded the company in 1969 in Silicon Valley. Still based in California, the company is now a global with 10,000 employees.


AMD’s timeline is here.

  • AMD is in the process of acquiring FPGA company Xilinx for $35 billion, announced in October 2020.
  • AMD acquired Nitero in 2017.
  • AMD acquired HiAlgo in 2012.
  • AMD acquired SeaMicro in 2012.
  • AMD acquired ATI Technologies in 2006.
  • AMD acquired Alchemy Semiconductor in 2002.
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