Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit: Unleashing Roboticists Through Hardware Acceleration

Kit includes pre-built interfaces for robotics, machine vision, industrial communication and control applications, customizable hardware accelerated functions and enables faster time to deployment through Kria SOMs.


The Kria™ KR260 Robotics Starter Kit is a Kria SOM-based development platform for robotics and factory automation applications. It enables roboticists and industrial developers without FPGA expertise to develop hardware accelerated applications for robotics, machine vision, industrial communications and control. Developers benefit with greater flexibility from native ROS 2 (Humble Hawksbill release with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS) support and increased productivity through the Kria Robotics Stack (KRS). The pre-built interfaces and accelerated applications make the KR260 an ideal platform to accelerate robotics innovation and take those ideas to volume production deployment with the industrial-grade Kria K26 SOMs. The combination of the popular and rapidly growing ROS 2-centric environment, the unmatched low latency and determinism of FPGA-based hardware acceleration for real-time performance and the architectural emphasis on safety and security bring the notion of adaptive computing to the forefront of embedded options for roboticists and industrial developers.

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