Tech Talk: eFPGA Acceleration

Achronix's Kent Orthner talks about when and why to use embedded FPGAs, and how they co-exist with—and compare to—other processing elements. [youtube vid=TXeIOmo7O9o] » read more

Emulation for Power

Solving power problems in today’s leading-edge SoCs requires not only the best architectural choices but advanced tools and techniques to determine the right path to take. This equates to a combination of hardware emulation and power analysis/optimization software tools. Design teams today must have real-life scenarios to accurately predict the power impact of their architectural decisions... » read more

Experts At The Table: SoC Prototyping

By Ann Steffora Mutschler System-Level Design sat down to discuss SoC prototyping with Hillel Miller, pre-silicon verification/emulation manager at Freescale Semiconductor; Frank Schirrmeister, group director, product marketing, for the system development suite at Cadence; and Mick Posner, director of product marketing at Synopsys. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SLD: How... » read more