Potentials And Issues Of Designing Fault-Tolerant Hardware Acceleration For Edge-Computing Devices


A technical paper titled “Fault-Tolerant Hardware Acceleration for High-Performance Edge-Computing Nodes” was published by researchers at University of Rome.


“High-performance embedded systems with powerful processors, specialized hardware accelerators, and advanced software techniques are all key technologies driving the growth of the IoT. By combining hardware and software techniques, it is possible to increase the overall reliability and safety of these systems by designing embedded architectures that can continue to function correctly in the event of a failure or malfunction. In this work, we fully investigate the integration of a configurable hardware vector acceleration unit in the fault-tolerant RISC-V Klessydra-fT03 soft core, introducing two different redundant vector co-processors coupled with the Interleaved-Multi-Threading paradigm on which the microprocessor is based. We then illustrate the pros and cons of both approaches, comparing their impacts on performance and hardware utilization with their vulnerability, presenting a quantitative large-fault-injection simulation analysis on typical vector computing benchmarks, and comparing and classifying the obtained results. The results demonstrate, under specific conditions, that it is possible to add a hardware co-processor to a fault-tolerant microprocessor, improving performance without degrading safety and reliability.”

Find the technical paper here. Published August 2023.

Barbirotta, Marcello, Abdallah Cheikh, Antonio Mastrandrea, Francesco Menichelli, Marco Angioli, Saeid Jamili, and Mauro Olivieri. 2023. “Fault-Tolerant Hardware Acceleration for High-Performance Edge-Computing Nodes” Electronics 12, no. 17: 3574. https://doi.org/10.3390/electronics12173574

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