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Agility Design Solutions

High-level synthesis company


Software tools that shorten the time to design, verify, and implement signal processing algorithms. The company offers solutions for algorithm acceleration, prototyping, and implementation in software and hardware. Its products include RMS, which improves the execution speed of MATLAB programs; MCS, which automatically synthesizes MATLAB code to C code; MCS Function Library, which includes functions that are synthesized using MCS to generate ANSI-C source.

  • HQ: Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • Known for: behavioral synthesis, algorithmic synthesis
  • Type: Company



  • ESL assets of Agility became a unit of Agility Design Solutions in 2009
    • DK Design Suite, a design environment for C-based algorithmic design entry, simulation, and synthesis; RC Series Platforms, a family of FPGA-based rapid prototyping/development boards; and PixelStreams Imaging Library, which includes IP cores for digital image and video processing.