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Engineering simulation solutions provider


Ansys develops specialized system-level simulation technology for a variety of industries.

The company’s product suite includes finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization.

In May 2019, Ansys acquired substantially all the assets of DfR Solutions, a developer of automated design reliability analysis software.

In January 2019, Ansys acquired Granta Design, a provider of materials information management and teaching resources for materials topics in engineering, science, processing and design.

In January 2019, Ansys acquired Helic, Inc. .

In May 2018, Ansys acquired OPTIS, a provider of physics-based simulation software for light, human vision and visualization.

In November 2017, Ansys acquired 3DSIM, a developer of premier additive manufacturing simulation technology.

In July 2017, Ansys acquired Computational Engineering International, Inc. (CEI Inc.), the developer of a suite of products that helps engineers and scientists analyze, visualize and communicate simulation data.

In March 2017, Ansys acquired CLK Design Automation, Inc. . Asset acquisition including R&D and application engineers, source code, products, patents and customer relationships.

In November 2016, Ansys aquired KPIT medini Technologies AG, and a provider of software products for automotive safety analysis and reliability engineering.

In September 2015, Ansys acquired the assets of Delcross Technologies, a developer of computational electromagnetic and radio frequency interference software products.

In February 2015, Ansys acquired the assets of Newmerical Technologies International (NTI), a developer of in-flight icing simulation software and associated design, testing and certification services for $10.5 million.

In 2015, Ansys acquired Gear Design Solutions, Inc. Acquired for $30 million.

In May 2014, Ansys acquired SpaceClaim Corporation, a provider of fast and intuitive 3D modeling software for engineers, for a purchase price of $85 million in cash.

In January 2014, Ansys acquired Reaction Design, a developer of chemistry simulation software, for $19.25 million.

In April 2014, Ansys acquired Evolutionary Engineering A. G. (EVEN), a provider of composite analysis and optimization technology relying on cloud computing, for $8.1 million.

In August 2012, Ansys acquired Esterel Technologies, maker of the SCADE solution for design, simulation and production of embedded software for mission critical systems, for approximately $58 million.

In 2011, Ansys acquired Apache Design Solutions, Inc. Acquired for approximately $314 million in cash.

In July 2008, Ansys acquired Ansoft Technologies, a developer of EDA software for high-frequency electromagnetics systems simulation, for $823.8 million.

In May 2006, Ansys acquired Fluent Inc., a provider of computational fluid dynamics simulation software, for $398 million.

In January 2005, Ansys acquired Century Dynamics Inc., a maker of a CFD tool for modeling the nonlinear dynamics of solids, fluids, gases and their interactions, for $10 million.

In February 2003, Ansys acquired the CFX fluid dynamics tool from AEA Technology PLC for $21.7 million.

In November 2001, Ansys acquired CADOE S.A. along with its DesignXplorer tool that allows advanced and efficient interrogation of engineering simulation post-processing results for $3.9 million.

In August 2000, Ansys acquired ICEM CFD Engineering and its ICEM CFD pre- (meshing) and post- (visualization) processing tool in 2000 for $12.4 million.

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