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Axiom Design Automation

Functional verification solutions


AXIOM Design Automation, Inc. developed functional verification solutions. The company focused on testbench automation, assertion based verification, debugging, and coverage analysis. It offered MPSim, a multi-CPU simulator; CDF tool suite, a functional verification automation tool that focuses verification engineers, designers, and architects on the specifications and the verification plan; Designer, a graphical environment for exploring and debugging designs; Verifier, a static analysis tool that identifies synchronization errors in multi-clock designs; and Protometer, a solution that enables debug and functional verification. The company also provides verification consulting services, including services in ASIC/SoC design and verification to design houses. In addition, its verification services comprise BFM development, verification planning, and constrained random based verification with functional coverage, emulation, and silicon bring up.

  • HQ: Milpitas, CA, USA
  • Known for: verification, testbench, assertion,
  • Other names: @HDL
  • Type: Company