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Coyote Systems

3D field solver


IP assets, which included the AutoIC product line, incorporating a 3D field solver. Three-dimensional field solvers are used to create and validate the accuracy of semiconductor process models. At 0.13-micron and below, deep-submicron effects, particularly coupling capacitance, become increasingly complex. Coyote claims that the 3D field solver provided accurate coupling capacitance modeling at least 10 times faster than other field solvers.

Coyote Systems was founded in 1996 with a $3 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a coupled field solver for MEMS applications. Under this contract, the company developed a tool called AutoMEMS, and later realized the same technology could be applied to deep-submicron IC design, which led to its AutoIC field solver in 1999.

  • Founded by: Martin Baechtold in 1996.
  • HQ: San Francisco, CA,USA
  • Known for: Field solver
  • Type: Educational Establishment
  • Type: Educational Establishment