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Coventor, a Lam Research Company

Supplier of software used in semiconductor process modeling and MEMS design automation.


Coventor’s semiconductor process modeling platform provides predictive modeling of semiconductor fabrication processes. Its MEMS design automation platform is used to develop MEMS devices and integrate those devices with CMOS circuits.

The company’s focus is on understanding of design and manufacturing issues early in the development process, where problems can be dealt with effectively and inexpensively. Coventor’s customer base includes foundries, memory suppliers, IDMs, fabless design houses, equipment suppliers, and R&D organizations. The company also has been working closely with Imec on 7nm.

Coventor’s target markets include consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, as well as smart phones, computers, tablets, wearable electronics, and IoT devices.

Company President and CEO Mike Jamiolkowski said his company had acquired Coyote for its MEMS capability, which was integrated into Coventor’s software package. ‘We realized this technology had IC implementations as well, but we had no interest in becoming an IC EDA company,’ he said. ‘We were approached by Simplex, which had an interest in this technology, so we went ahead and negotiated an agreement and recovered our investment.’

Was known as Microcosm Technologies Inc. until 2001

  • Founded by: John Gilbert in 1996.
  • Founded by: Michael J. Jamiolkowski in 1996.
  • HQ: Cary, North Carolina, USA
  • Known for: MEMS, virtual fabrication, predictive modeling
  • Web: URL
  • Other names: Microcosm Technologies, Inc.
  • Type: Company


  • Coyote Systems became a unit of Coventor, a Lam Research Company in 2000.


  • Type: Company


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