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Flomerics Group PLC

Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer tools


FloTHERM is a Computational Fluid Dynamics tool dedicated to electronics cooling using parameterized ‘˜SmartParts’ for common electronic components such as fans, heatsinks, and IC packagesFloTHERM XT is a electronics cooling CFD tool incorporating a solid modeler for manipulating MCAD parts.
FloEFD is a ‘˜design concurrent’ CFD tool for use in early-stage product design and is embedded within MCAD systems such as Solidworks, Creo Elements/Pro, CATIA V5 and Siemens NX
Thermal Characterization and Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Measurement equipment:
T3Ster is a hardware product that embodies an implementation of the JEDEC JESD51-1 standard for IC package thermal characterization and is compliant with JESD51-14 for Rth-JC measurement
TeraLED provides automation of the CIE 127:2007 standard providing total flux, chromaticity and correlated color temperature (CCT) for power LEDs. With T3Ster it provides thermal resistance metrics for LEDs based on the real dissipated heating power.
DynTIM extends T3Ster, providing a dynamic thermal test station for thermal conductivity measurements of thermal interface materials (TIMs), thermal greases and gap pads.

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