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Microelectronics Research & Development Ltd.

Thermal characterization of IC packages


MicReD – Microelectronics Research & Development Ltd. was established in 1997 as a spin-off of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BUTE). Creating MicReD was motivated by the need of commercialization of the results of different European research projects. The success of technology transfer was continued by utilization of further research projects such as the EU funded PROFIT project and some national projects.
The major field of activity of MicReD is development of thermal simulation and modeling tools as well as development, production and distribution of thermal measurement hardware, thermal measurement services and consulting. MicReD’s present hardware portfolio is aimed at thermal characterization of all kinds of semiconductor devices. MicReD’s testing technology is based on high precision thermal transient measurements completed by sophisticated post processing which yields a detailed thermal capacitance / thermal resistance maps of the junction-to-ambient heat-flow path. This technology allows qualification of thermal interfaces such as die attach layers or TIM materials.