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HyperLynx, Inc.

PCB EMC and SI tools


LineSim enabled engineers to design high quality into their PCBs and multichip modules from the outset, rather than relying on processes, other personnel, or outside agents and validation facilities to find design problems downstream.
In 1993, HyperLynx co-founded the IBIS Open Forum, an industry consortium that created the IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification) standard for signal-integrity modeling of IC devices. IBIS allows the development of device models that preserve the proprietary nature of IC chip designs, while at the same time providing information-rich models for signal integrity and EMC analysis.

In 1995, BoardSim was added to the product mix, along with the Company’s first EMC analysis tool, SpectralSim. BoardSim allows engineers to resolve EMC issues at the primary source of most RFI problems, focusing on excessive currents in trace-loop antennas on a net-by-net basis. Later that year, HyperLynx introduced The Visual IBIS Editor, which the Company released to the EDA industry as shareware to encourage the creation of public domain IBIS files.

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