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IBM – Altium group

PCB design software


Computer-graphics Augmented Design and Manufacturing (CADAM) was developed by Lockheed in 1965. IBM, Fujitsu and Perkin-Elmer promoted and sold it (so that they would sell more mainframes). It was spun out from Lockheed as a separate company in 1982. IBM continued to be a major reseller until 1987 when it was largely replaced by CATIA from Dassault Systems. CADDAM started to support alternative machines such as Apollo and VAX, so IBM acquired it in 1989. In 1991 IBM sold the mainframe versions of CADAM to Dassault Systems, but retained micro CADAM, IBM CAD and P-CAD and renamed this group Altium.

  • Known for: PCB,
  • Type: Educational Establishment