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inSilicon Corporation

IP company primarily focused on interface standards.


inSilicon Corporation is a provider of communications platforms used by semiconductor and systems companies. The company’s enabling communications technologies, including the JVX Java Accelerator, Ethernet, USB, PCI, and IEEE-1394. inSilicon is a subsidiary of Phoenix Technologies.

  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Type: Company


  • inSilicon Corporation acquired Xentec Inc. in 2000
    • inSilicon issued approximately 634,000 shares of stock of an inSilicon Canadian subsidiary that are exchangeable for shares of inSilicon stock, options to purchase 96,000 shares of inSilicon common stock and $2.9 million of cash. In addition another 415,000 shares were based on meeting performance goals. Total value of approximately $15.9 million
  • inSilicon Corporation acquired Hd Lab, K.K. in 2000
    • $1.5M cash,approximately $20 million in cash and 500,000 restricted shares of Phoenix common - total value about $27.5M,about $20 million
  • inSilicon Corporation acquired Sand Microelectronics in 1998
  • inSilicon Corporation acquired Virtual Chips Inc. in 1996