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Interfaces Technical Committee

Standards related to hardware acceleration interfaces


The charter of this working group is to identify and standardize multi-abstraction and multi-domain interfaces that enable complete, high performance verification environments to be constructed that contain a mix of software and hardware accelerated engines.
Standards: The Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface (SCE-MI). This specification describes a modeling interface which provides multiple channels of communication that allow software models describing system behavior to connect to structural models describing implementation of a device under test (DUT). Each communication channel is designed to transport un-timed messages of arbitrary abstraction between its two end points or “ports” of a channel.

Version 1 of the standard was released in 2003 and provided a macro-based interface.

Version 2 added a function-based interface based on the SystemVerilog Direct Programming Interface (DPI) and a pipes-based interface.

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  • Known for: SCE-MI, Standard Co-emulation Interface
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