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Inventure Inc.

IP developer specializing in PCI Express


Zuken previously, as a department within the company, developed, and provided various services related to, the original IP core ‘Z-core series’ as a core solution for SoC development. Following that, in April 2006, Zuken established Inventure as a 100% subsidiary in order to respond promptly to the need in the market for high quality IP. Inventure has grown steadily as a business specializing in the IP core, such as in the sale of IP licenses, developing and selling IP application ASSP products and IP application consulting. In particular, ‘Z-core PCI Express’ for ‘PCI Express’ is highly rated in a wide range of markets, including OA devices such as digital color copiers, broadcasting devices, network monitoring devices and Server/storage products.

  • HQ: Yokohama, Japan
  • Known for: PCI Express, IP,
  • Type: Company