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Praesagus, Inc.

DFM tools


Praesagus, Inc. provides characterization and modeling products to the chemical mechanical polishing semiconductor manufacturing process. It provides professional services in various areas, including design for manufacturability analysis, design layout analysis and improvement, custom fill analysis and synthesis, characterization and test mask design, process analysis and improvement, and surface profile analysis. The company provides design for manufacturability tools, including copper prediction and verification, which provides full-chip predictions of manufactured copper dishing, erosion, remaining thickness, and sheet resistance variation; copper fill synthesis, which provides automated model-based dummy fill and slot placement; and pattern dependent analysis tools that process engineers to load, analyze, and plot pattern dependencies in manufacturing data. It also provides characterization wafers for copper, STI, and tungsten processes; DRAM short-flow product test wafer for analyzing STI polishing performance; and electrical testing service that provides measurement of standard electrical properties from standard copper and tungsten characterization wafers.
Technology originated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.