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SDA Systems Inc.

Design framework


SDA’s primary technological innovation was its design framework architecture, which permitted designers to link software tools from various vendors in a common user interface and database.
SDA received start-up financing from National Semiconductor and General Electric and continued to form partnership arrangements with Harris Corporation, L.M. Ericsson, Toshiba and SGS Corp.

In 1984, 33-year-old Joseph B. Costello joined SDA as vice-president of customer service. He held a number of positions, and in March of 1987 became SDA’s president and chief operating officer.

  • Founded by: James E. (Jim) Solomon in 1983
  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Known for: Solomon Design Automation, SDA, Design framework, Joe Costello , Cadence
  • Other names: Solomon Design Automation
  • Type: Company