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SDA Systems Inc.

Design framework


The primary technological innovation of Solomon Design Automation Systems (SDA Systems) was its design framework architecture, which permitted designers to link software tools from various vendors in a common user interface and database. SDA received start-up financing from National Semiconductor and General Electric and continued to form partnership arrangements with Harris Corporation, L.M. Ericsson, Toshiba and SGS Corp.

In 1984, 33-year-old Joseph B. Costello joined SDA as vice-president of customer service. He held a number of positions, and in March of 1987 became SDA’s president and chief operating officer.

In 1988, ECAD Inc. and SDA Systems Inc. merged to become Cadence Design Systems.

  • Founded by: James E. (Jim) Solomon in 1983
  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Known for: Solomon Design Automation, SDA, Design framework, Joe Costello , Cadence
  • Other names: Solomon Design Automation
  • Type: Company