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Silvaco, Inc.

EDA and TCAD software provider


Silvaco delivers EDA and Stanford-based TCAD products with support and engineering services to provide semiconductor process and device simulation solutions. TCAD products include process simulators, device simulators, stress simulators and others. In the EDA space, they provide analog and mixed-signal/RF products, Custom IC CAD, Interconnect modeling, and digital CAD.
After purchasing Simucad in 2003, Silvaco re-launched the brand by spinning out its EDA product line in 2006 under the Simucad name. Silvaco divested all simulation and CAD products and intellectual property, most notably the SmartSpice circuit simulator. As of March 1, 2010, Simucad Design Automation and Silvaco Data Systems were merged back together forming Silvaco, Inc.

  • Founded by: Ivan Pesic in 1984
  • HQ: Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Known for: TCAD
  • Type: Company