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Don-Min Tsou

Co-founder of ATopTech


In 2003, Don-Min Tsou was founder and president of ATopTech.
In 1997, as R&D director of Avant!, Tsou created Milkyway, the common environment of database, GUI, library and design data. While at Avant!, Tsou successfully developed C-API for the top tier semiconductor companies to adopt the Milkyway flow into their system-on-chip designs.

In 1992 at ArcSys, he was one of the original designers of ArcCell/ArcUtil.
At Tandem (1983-1991), Tsou was one of the original four designers of NonStop SQL.

Tsou has held various senior management and technical positions at Synopsys, Avant!, ArcSys, Tandem, Wang and IBM.

Tsou holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University and a Ph.D. in computer science from The Pennsylvania State University.