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Harvey C. Jones jr.

Founder of Daisy and first preseident of Synopsys


Joined Calma in 1974 in the development organization. He worked his way through the ranks in sales and marketing. He got an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School and became VP of business development. Shortly after GE acquired Calma he left to co-found Daisy Systems in 1981 as VP of sales and marketing and later as President and CEO.
He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Synopsys Inc. from December 1987 to January 1994 and its President from December 1987 to January 1993. During this time he helped train Aart de Geus to move from VP engineering, through the sales and marketing ranks, and eventually into the President’s position which De Geus holds to this day.

He co-founded Tensilica, Inc. in 1997.

He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Tensilica, Inc., SIOS Technology Corp. and Steeleye Technology Inc. He served as the Chairman of Crossbow Technology Inc. from January 1993 to February 1998. He served as an Executive Chairman of Synopsys Inc. from January 1993 to February 1998. He has been an Independent Director of Tintri, Inc., since March 26, 2014. He has been the Lead Independent Director of Wind River Systems Inc. since June 2006 and has been its Director since February 2004. He has been a Director of Navis LLC since 2004, Components Direct (alternative name G2 Technology, Inc.) since December 2012 and NVIDIA Corporation since November 1993. He serves as a Director of Axis Systems, Inc. He has been Director of Crossbow Technology since 1997. He served as a Director of Synopsys Inc. until April 2001, Daisy Systems Corporation and Simplex Solutions, Inc. since December 1995. He served as a Director of Remedy Corporation since November 1994 and Numerical Technologies Inc., since June 1998.

Jones obtained a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Georgetown University and a M.S. in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.