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Rajendran (Raj) Nair

Founder of ComLSI and Anasim


Raj Nair is CEO of Anasim Corp., a spin-off from ComLSI, founded in 2006, commercializing a power-integrity-aware floor 2003 he founded ComLSI, Mesa, AZ based startup specializing in analog design & consultation.

Nair has served as a Director of Design Engineering at Cirrus Logic and as Senior Manager for IC Design at Lovoltech Inc., and spent 7+ years at Intel Corporation where he was responsible in his final role for strategic research and program management in the areas of microprocessor power delivery, IO and packaging.

His career started at L&T Bangalore Works where he developed a robotic automatic hydraulic excavator testing system.

Nair has a BS, Electronics & Communications from University of Mysore and an MS, EE from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College