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Provider of scientific instruments.


Bruker provides high-performance scientific instruments and analytical and diagnostic solutions at the molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels.

In addition to instruments for the life sciences and chemistry, the company provides metrology systems and process equipment for semiconductor manufacturing.

Products include atomic force microscopy, cryogenic cleaning, nanomechanical metrology tools, photomask repair, stylus metrology, white light interferometry, and x-ray defect inspection and metrology.

Additionally, it supplies superconductor wire products and devices.

The company was founded in 1960 in Karlsruhe, Germany, to commercialize nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers.

  • Founded: 1960
  • Founded by: Günther Laukien, Emil Bruker
  • Headquarters: Billerica, Massachusetts, USA
  • Other names: Bruker Physik-AG
  • Website:
  • Nasdaq: BRKR

Inside X-ray Metrology


April 2019: Acquired RAVE LLC, a provider of semiconductor mask repair and cleaning equipment.

December 2018: Acquired Alicona Imaging, provider of optical 3D surface metrology products.

April 2018: Acquired Anasys Instruments Corp., a provider of photothermal IR spectroscopy.

January 2017: Acquired Hysitron, a provider of nanomechanical test instrumentation.

November 2016: Acquired the superconducting wire business of Oxford Instruments for $17.5 million cash.

November 2015: Acquired Jordan Valley Semiconductors, a provider of X-ray metrology and defect-detection equipment for semiconductor process control.

October 2011: Acquired Center for Tribology (CETR), a tribology and mechanical testing company.

October 2010: Acquired the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and the Optical Industrial Metrology (OIM) instruments businesses from Veeco Instruments for $229.4 million in cash.

March 2010: Acquired the assets of AIXUV, which specialized in XUV/EUV systems and key components.

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