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Compact Model Coalition

Develops and standardizes compact models for use within SPICE


The CMC, formed in 1996, develops and standardizes compact models of electronic devices used within commercial circuit simulators across the electronics industry, including virtually all SPICE-class simulation. The organization as acquired by Si2 in 2013.

Formerly known as the Compact Model Council, the CMC was renamed the Compact Model Coalition to blend with Si2’s organizational structure. The CMC, represented by 37 member companies, supports 20 active subcommittees and has produced over a dozen widely-used standard device models, modeling API, and SPICE language standard. This includes the new BSIM6 model, which was released by Dr. Hu’s team on May 5th 2013, and features charge conservation model symmetry for improved accuracy in all regions of operation. Standards now in development include models for ET-SOI and GaN FET, and a reliability modeling API based upon TMI2.

Models available in the Public Domain:
• MOSFETs: BSIM3 (1995)
BSIM4 (2000)
PSP (2006)
HiSIM2 (2011)
BSIM-CMG (2012)
HiSIM-SOI (2012)
• BJTs: MEXTRAM (2004)
HICUM (2004)
• LDMOS: HiSIM_HV (2007)
Models available only to CMC Members:
• MOS Varactor: MOSVAR (2006)
• Resistors: R2_CMC (2005)
R3_CMC (2007)
• Junction Diodes: DIODE_CMC (2009)
Other standards available in the Public Domain
• Standard SPICE Language (2012)

Additionally, the CMC developed guidelines for extracting well-proximity effect model instance parameters and a test suite for verifying the accuracy of Verilog-A implementations in circuit simulators. The CMC is currently working on the selection of new standard models for SOI MOSFETs and ETSOI MOSFETs, as well as a common model interface.

  • Known for: SPICE models, BSIM
  • Other names: CMC
  • Type: Standards Group