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Council of EDA Standards Committee

IEEE group dedicated to promote the development of standards in the EDA industry


The Council of EDA Standards Committee (C-EDA SC) is to promote the development of Standards in the EDA industry. Such standards are beneficial to the IC designers and developers and users of automation tools in this industry since they provide a mechanism for defining common semantics. This committee will be represented by EDA, Consortiums, Semiconductor Companies and associated standards groups. The C-EDA SC acts as the administrator for the Working Groups under it which develop and maintain Standards.
The C-EDA SC is governed by a chairman and a steering committee. The steering committee is composed of the chair-persons of the Working Groups under the C-EDA SC plus explicitly voted in members to include senior management in EDA, representatives from consortiums, representative from DASC and/or other interested parties and ex-officio members who may be chosen for the sake of continuity or coordination with related groups.

The ex-officio members will also include such functions as are required for the effective administration of the C-EDA SC such as secretary. The ex-officio members will be selected by the steering committee. Since this committee is just forming things are changing at a very rapid pace. To keep yourself updated, information will be posted on

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