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Embedded analytics IP vendor.


UltraSoC creates embedded, self-analytic IP for SoCs. The IP can be used for cybersecurity, functional safety, and complexity management, among other things.

The modular semiconductor IP platform allows chip development teams to create flexible on-chip monitoring and analytics infrastructures. These can be used both as a part of an SoC’s inherent functionality and as a development tool to accelerate and de-risk the process of producing a chip. It can monitor and control chips that incorporate multiple, heterogeneous functional units sourced from different third party suppliers, as well as custom logic designed in-house. It uses a message-based architecture, and can monitor a wide variety of system and processor events, memory interface efficiency and state machine performance.

  • HQ: Cambridge, UK.
  • Founded: 2006
  • Founded by: Andrew Hopkins, Karl Heeks, Klaus McDonald-Maier
  • Website:
  • Type: Company


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