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Quantifying the Value of On-Chip Debug

Learn why on-chip debug and monitoring makes dollars and sense.


White paper authored by Semico Research, quantifies the benefits of using on-chip debug and monitoring technology, specifically UltraSoc’s technology.

Rising design complexity
In the last several years, contemporary SoCs (system-on-a-chip) have become increasingly complex. They now consist of 100s of millions of gates, 100 or more discrete semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) blocks, high-speed data channels, megabytes of volatile and nonvolatile embedded memory, increasing amounts of analog / mixed signal functionality, multiple CPU cores and multiple operating systems. In addition, robust, high-speed wireless connectivity is often a prime requirement. All these features require millions of lines of application code written to provide the rich feature sets the market demands today. All these capabilities come at a high price. Silicon and software design complexity have continued to increase with each new process node, becoming a major issue in the industry.

Semico Research tracks SoC design starts and the average gate counts resident on each type of SoC. 

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