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ISO26262: The Case for Embedded Analytics in Automotive (updated: V.4.0)

Non-intrusive monitoring of SoC functions will play a vital role in safe design for automotive systems.


From advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to a new generation of robots and medical systems, we are seeing an explosion in the development of cyber-physical systems.

Because these systems use advanced software to interact with the physical world, safety is a paramount issue but one that is reflected in many industries by the use of safety standards based on a philosophy of risk assessment and reduction.

The ISO26262 framework adopted by the automotive industry, for example, plays a key role in assuring implementors and users that road vehicles are safe. The standard joins others such as IEC61508 for industrial control, EN50126 for railways and IEC 60601-3 for medicine. These risk management-oriented frameworks have ramifications for system on chip (SoC) designers working across many technologies and industry sectors. They call for the ability to monitor internal behavior to a high degree of granularity not only during development but, increasingly, after deployment. Non-intrusive monitoring of SoC functions will therefore play a vital role in safe design—a function that UltraSoC is well-positioned to provide.

Updated in September 2018.

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